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  • cyberart 123

    May 31, 2022 at 5:45 pm

    The different ways of monetising the content depend on the type of content you are creating on the platform. Here are some ways to monetise your content: <div>

    Membership or subscription content: You can charge subscription or membership fees for some of your more in-depth, specialised material. People may pay you to have frequent access to the unique experience you provide. This might be in the form of a monthly email subscription or a premium video series. It might also be a subscription site with continuous access to a range of content kinds.

    Selling your products: Can you produce new digital items based on the material you’ve created? Do you have unique research, guidance, or other longer-form material with added value that you’d like to share? Reports containing unique and original findings might be priced more. You may also create ebooks and sell them in other markets and on your website.