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  • mohmmad

    March 10, 2022 at 1:43 pm

    Hi suriname,

    Mohammad here. I am researching a bit now a days about this topic. I have some points to tell you. Hope they might help you😌

    Convincing people is not the easiest job, especially when hundreds of other online courses
    are available with just a click. If you’re looking for proven strategies that are most likely to
    convince people to buy your online course, here they are:

    ● Treat your online course like any other digital product.

    ● Advertise your online course on social media handles.

    ● Start a podcast or feature in one to create hype about your upcoming course.

    ● Run a weekly webinar to attract students.

    ● Promote your course through ads.

    ● Guest posting is a great measure.

    ● Before realising the actual course, release a mini teaser to create awareness.

    ● Offer 10% or 20% discounts in the first round to attract students.

    ● Create a course sales page.