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  • anshu

    October 28, 2021 at 3:19 pm

    Tutors are hired for teaching purposes. So most of the questions will be related to your subject knowledge and the way you teach and present yourself to students and parents.
    Common Procedure of Edtechs that hire tutors:
    You receive a call from a person who enquires about your teaching experience
    In the first call itself some companies may ask to play a role play of a teacher and they act as a student. If they get impressed you are forwarded to the next round.
    Some companies ask you to prepare for a demo round where one of their members acts as a student and you would be a tutor. Presentation may be given by them before or on the spot. Some companies may ask you to prepare slides.
    YOu will be given time to prepare for a demo.
    Mostly every edtech company conducts 2 to 3 demo rounds. Once you are passed through all the rounds you will be given training. After training they conduct a demo round again. If you pass through that then you are their tutor.